Established in 2015. Founded by the founder of Yourmaid Service Centre Ltd.  After years of working closely with the domestic helper industry, we noticed there has been a disparity between  clients’ expectation and foreign helpers’ understanding of the family culture in Hong Kong. Hence, the training school which provides full-training and courses for foreign domestic helpers on cooking family cuisines and house keeping, Your Kitchen Ltd., has started. Our mission is to equip domestic helpers for our clients, also to help the helpers to adopt a new culture and environment in just a short time.

Our Mission

“Make your Maid your Family Chef”. Our founder - Susanna Ng - enjoys cooking and a foodie herself. Cooking for different gatherings or her daughters’ birthday parties, which sometime with up to 40 guests, is not unusual for her and her maid. After establishing Your Maid Service Centre Ltd., she noticed the insufficient facilities and food choices in foreign training centres when traveling back and forth. That was the moment she came up with the idea of running a maid training centre, right here in Hong Kong. With this particular platform, she believes can improve maids’ cooking skills, bring a better taste of joy to the families.

Our Service

We provide comprehensive training courses for foreign domestic helpers, to improve their cooking and housekeeping skills in a practical and efficient way. Your Kitchen is also a great venue for parties, gathering or other different kinds of events. Spacious with 1000 sq. ft. can fit 50 people comfortably. Please contact for more information.

Our Couches

Professional and Passionate are the best to describe our team members. Experienced head chefs from top Chinese Restaurants, packed with cooking techniques and own recipes, they are the second to none choices to teach your maids on how to cook healthy meals for your families.


More than 30 years experience, was the head chef of different upscale Chinese restaurants and Hotel restaurants in the U.K., China and Hong Kong. Passionate about enhancing decorative technique and creating new dishes, from Chinese Dim Sum to Western fusion cuisines. Marco is also very patient and friendly, his personality and positive vibe make him a great couch.


Loaded with experience. Worked in Island Fishman in Philippines, Jade Restaurant in Indonesia Jakarta, Freeport in Bahama and Hyatt Hotel Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong as a Chef and sou-Chef for 30 more than years. Health conscious, aims at pursuing the good flavours from natural ingredients.